Monday, 28 February 2011

Dust Free!

Yo tinterweb massive I've been away for a while but I'm back and raring to write, blog and buy!

Believe it or not I've been in Afghanistan.  Yes I know a random place for someone as cute and stylish as me to be but I was there for ten days helping entertain the troops, boosting morale as they say.  All in a dancer type fashion.  Above board may I add.  A group of fifteen, three dancers, four band members, two comedians and some techies. It's not the first time I have been, well actually it's was the seventh.  I'm a veteran.  I had a great time even though at some points its was hard work.  I mean having hundreds of soldiers cheering for you and getting to drive trucks and see a country not many people get the chance to see, really hard.

Now although the job has its rewards I had spent ten days in easy to wear comfortable clothes that I wouldn't mind getting mud and dust allover, TEN DAYS! Bit to long for someone of my disposition.
A big truck (can't remember the name) with soldiers and us lot on it.

A very engaging crowd.

So After tens days of dust mud and snow I needed a fashion fix but like many people I'm sure this time of year is all a bit confusing.  I'm a little fed up of hats gloves and scarves.  There are fashion weeks and red carpets on every magazine cover and channel.  All I want to do is get my new season on but alas it's still cold, 6c to be precise.  So instead I took an element of the new seasons fashions "70's" and chucked in a little winter warmer and tada ensemble below!  Picture this with a centre parting bone straight hair, 70's style head band (around forehead) leggings and over the knee flat leather boots.
Fur waist coat from a market in Mumbai.  Leather jacket Kate Moss for Topshop.
 My first new season buy.  Love love love this skirt.  High waisted neon pink suede skirt.  You may be able to see it's crushed this is because it went out on the town and had a great time and may it have many more!
Hennes Trends section.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Just a quicky

Ok so I've been all jet setty this week living by the seat of my pants.  From the Hyatt in Muscat Penthouse suite to good old Fulham Broadway in an all new Coffee establishment "The Shed". 
There's no time for talk but the pictures are cute!
Our own Grand piano. Had an Alicia Keys moment. Vintage dress Carvella shoes.

Ha Ha modeling 101! Body con number from Asos. Shoes Carvella.

A little dance number styled by me.

 Check out "The Shed" a new coffee shop in Fulham 49 Walham Grove.  So cute.

Such nice touch the hot water bottles.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

What a mix

Hey yo, I've been out and about over the last couple of weeks watching, wondering, analysing, admiring.  At work my eyes are generally impressed by the creativeness of the peoples attire and minds.  At play I am impress in a whole other way.   I absolutely love how different people interpret current fashions.  I'm sure you are all aware of how eclectic London is.  We have lots of different types of people.  In little less than half  an hour you can go from seeing Ghettoites with their jeans around their butts and girls with kiss curls and four bunches on their heads (this was me in my youth by the way) to wanna be muso's with their skinny jeans and girls with hair back combed within an inch of it's Elenette covered life Amy Winehouse style.  The thing is all of these people generally shop at the same pool of high street places.  It is simply in the way these individual groups chose to change the way a garment it worn and the attitude behind it.  It's so nice to see the similarities and differences between these groups.

This girl looks super cool and was obviously near the front of the queue when looks were being given out.  Check out her coat. On her coolly slung over some jeans and a hoodie but I could also see it on a city worker over a pencil skirt suit.
Cool and gorgeous chick at Dance Attic.

 I call this girl "The ghetto princess". You had to be there she was wicked.  It was here 21st birthday, she had her own paparazzi. A lovely bubbly personality and so happy in her own skin at her age. n

Natricia Bernard's shoe boots. Don't take them off girl I'll steal them!

Now we've all seen this look on men and women but I just love the way this girl added a fascinatot to top it off.

Liked the hair the jacket and the necklaces.
I'm off on some travels soon.  Lets see what I can see!