Sunday, 19 June 2011


So after another amazing tour date with the Extreme Freestylers to Paris my feet have been firmly on British soil for a full week and I have no plans of leaving for a while.  I didn't see much of Paris as per usual.  We visited the Marriott bar much to the dislike of the other guests who were generally late forties    and quite reserved.  Picture six riders and their mechanics plus techies  and six dancers with a larger than life choreographer taking over the bar. Funny, for us that is.

Vanessa, Naomi (breathing fire) and me

Of course there was the stadium and the very enthusiastic  fans who at one point were demanding kisses. This particular  group had the average age of 12, cheeky.
International Riders and a few hotties he he
Last but not least the after party sponsored by Monster and our very generous producer Adam Moneyman.  We started at an Irish bar and then onto a club of which I have no recollection of the name only that we had a good time and totally tore up the dance floor!
Check me out, being all rocky and cool! Love my Allsaints top and Diesel boots. Could wear this outfit everyday!

The prospect of being at home for a while makes me feel good and has been fun already.  Meetings, dinner with the gorgeous Girly Show at Maddox.  Which by the way for a set menu which can sometimes be touch and go was very lovely, thanks girls!
Also I filmed for a morning with Ricky Gervais as director.  Now if you've read my blog you will know I don't really speak ill of people but he has to have the most annoying, penetrating laugh  ever. Yeah I said it.  The funny thing was I don't recall anyone else laughing.

Anywho until next time.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Quickie Oooo

Just a quickie.

After having my feet firmly on British soil for a week it was only right that I help a friend celebrate her birthday and where else to do it but Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud's club.  I know your thinking "your a bit late love" It's been open for ages but I'm going to keep it real.   I'm not a celebrity. I may rub shoulders every now and then with a few but my presence doesn't generally open guest list doors.  I remember trying my luck at the reopening of China White, what a mistake and I was with someone with pull.  Turned out there were a few princesses present, royal and pop and they had obviously taken my spot by the bar and on the dance floor. Whateves!
Anyway I digress Kanaloa Sarah Harding's club was the venue.  All guest were dressed to the nines and ready to party.  Paps were waiting at the venue flashes ready and the DJ awaited our arrival.
Lets just say that we made the party. The venue all dark mahogany bridges and totems was very much like Mahiki in Mayfair. For all I know they are sister clubs (I'm not very up on the London night scene) with there matching staff in Hawaiian attire and and huge chests filled with delicious cocktails. The party lasted all night and some because as we were not leaving the dance floor the DJ had to come back after finishing his set and start an after party! Yes we partied with the not so steely faced bouncers and a few staff well after the general public had lefted.
I shall be back Kanaloa!

Birthday girl Danielle Brown
Kerry Katona, Cem Ahmet, Danielle Brown and me!

Oohh sparkles!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Next one

As I said in my last blog I have been all over, Jakarta Indonesia don't you know.  It was a very long journey for a very short visit and show, Cse (Combined Service Entertainment) Navy gig.  Yes it is work and we all need to get paid but two seven hour flights with a quick dash in between was very taxing on someone who had just got off a flight that morning from Amsterdam. Rock'n'Rolling!
This trip was my second to Jakarta and alas I saw just as little of it as previously, what I did see was very intriguing.  Mopeds everywhere, some with up to four people including infants! Now I have seen the like before but not in such highly populated area.  Thought we had traffic issues In London, ha!
Tanah Abang

All in all a very short but cool trip and it didn't hurt staying at the Crowne Plaza which was all very grand indeed.  Maybe next time I'll be paid to holiday and really see the sites.  There is definitely more than meets the eye there as security was very obvious at the hotels, hmm.

Next up a short return trip to Marrakech.  Now baring in mind my first trip to Morocco had been less than a month before, oh what a difference a month makes!
Firstly the weather had gone up by approximately 5 degrees. Not much you may think but it made for a much more enjoyable and fashion friendly visit.

I am not known for my amazing memory but if you want me to remember a place or event you just go on and put Jason Statham within 10 feet of me and I'll surely remember an enjoyable night at Comptoir.  What I'd like to tell you was that "we" Jason and I had a lovely dinner but his security were not having a bar of it so I sat and giggled at a safe distance.  I did catch his eye and I'm sure he was staring when I looked away Number 1 in FHM girlfriend or not!
Now to casually bump into Idris Alba!

Throw in a few more tasty meals at the likes of Crystal attached is Pacha, Bo and Zin and a very merry lunch at Nikki beach our short trip was very enjoyable. Oh did I mention our villa with the cinema room and roof top pool and a obliging Hen taking part in all sorts of dares? Sshhh.

Nikki Beach Marrakech

Wait let me put my gloss on

Roof top pool



Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yo Yo Yo

So yet again it has been ages since my last blog but oh I've been off around the world having a jolly old time!

To start was the Extreme FreeStylers Stadium tour in Arnum Holland.  What is this you may ask.  Well you know when you see dudes on motor bikes jumping ramps and other ridiculously huge and wide objects, that.  All very exciting.  Along with the bikers there are 6 dancers (one being me) to add a bit more glamour to the show.  All choreographed by the ever so talented Cem Ahmet.  Then there was the Dukesons, yes those crazy guys that like to inflict pain on themselves for no more reason than entertainment and a live band. 

Add caption
Now this is a world I know nothing of so it was very interesting and sometime a bit scary. The riders looked so effortless flying through the air you forget sometimes that they are human and at any point the unpredictable could happen. Luckily it didn't and there were no accidents and at quite a few points they would fly over us as we were performing on stage!  I didn't know it was such a big deal.  The stadium was full and the atmosphere electric, these guys were all very serious about their bikes!  All the riders come with their own fan base from all over the world. Will pay a bit more attention next time and get some more info, was far to busy thinking about 20 ft stages and bikes flying over me!

Stage and ramps
Rider going over stage
Robbie Maddison aka Mad dog and I.

The beautiful girls! Naomi Lynch,Cherie Chung,Vanessa Lansom, Lizzie Gough and Charlie Mayhew.
Check Charlie out, looking to cool.

 Next update soon!