Monday, 29 November 2010

Flying visit

Last week.  Quick trip to Fujairah for some work, sun and fun.  Then a little assisting  an amazing stylist Luann Sampson for the X Factor,  The Wanted don't you know. Straight back down to earth with a big old bump as dancing at Clapham Grand will do for you.  I've not hung up my dancing shoes yet but I tell ya this fingers in all sorts of pies is fun!

Quick stop to see Make up artiste extraordinaire Ideta Kimso at Mac.  Airport outfit high waisted wide leg trousers Topshop.

 Three ladies three dresses.

Orange suede one shoulder dress Asos.  Shoes Topshop.

Leanne Everitt in cute black and white number.

Charlotte Chapman in Monsoon dress

Last glimse of sun for a few months. Sad face.

Rehearsal studio for The Wanted dancers.

Out of this chaos came perfect styling from Luann.

So this week I have to style a Christmas 70's show for Underwraps.  Wish me luck people because it's not as easy as a pair of flares and an afro!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

I'm no Crusty!

Briony looking fresh and cool first thing in the morning.  Cool Britannia

Peeps I've had a full week of rehearsing so all I've seen are dancer and the like but boy are we a cute fashionable bunch! Dance Attic not the most glamours of studios but full to brim of Stars fabulous dancers, choreographers, agents eccentric owners and much more.  So one week at Dance Attic. Cse dancers, Peter Andre and tour dancers (along with hairdresser brother), Underwraps doing various Christmas shows, Kylie and her prettier than pretty dancers and a whole load of Nintendo choreography! Probably missed a few but hey ho
Loving all hats right now. River Island job.

Looking cool in her hat

Woolly warmers. Socks from Topshop, American Apparel Disco pants faithful Mou boots and Primark special ear warmer and jumper (got to keep it real).
 I've always thought that it was just Crusty's that did all of those circus acts, for example fire breathing, angle grinding and stilts but I had the opportunity to have a try at a Push Production workshop and to be honest I quite enjoyed it.  I'm not going to give up my day job just yet but watch this space for ClaudMarVon circus act extraordinaire very soon (sike).

A dear friend of mine commissioned a skirt this week.  It was very simple to make but the fabric was gorgeous so made it special.  Hope she enjoys wearing it.


Sunday, 14 November 2010

I Rock!

Ok so if I'm honest last week wasn't the most inspiring UNTIL I turn over to ITV2 Gossip Girl.  Now I've always been a fan but found I could never really relate to the styling until season 4.  Every episode I've seen something has caught my eye and made me want to put on an outfit and flounce yes I said it flounce around London town.  Take a look at my faves.
Sorry Blair it's all about Serena right now

Loving this dress by Zuhair Murad.  Grey lace, beautiful.

Check out Serena's cuff! Love,  love , love
I loved this cuff so much but couldn't find it anywhere so I went on the prowl on the high street for a version.  This is what I found, not identical but cute.

Last but by no means least "Black Girls Rock" BET awards ceremony was amazing.  Granted I didn't know every person on the show but it was very inspiring.  Would love something similar in Britain!  All they needed was a little styling from ClaudMarVon and it would have been perfect!


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fashion free

The last week dare I say it has been almost fashion free.  Obviously I've dressed myself and very well even if I do say so myself but as far as events go it's been more about culture and the arts and not me shark eying everybody!
Among other random events I went to see a bit of fringe theatre at "The Lord Stanley" in Camden.  Two short plays directed by Victor Sobchak, "The Terrorist and the Whore" and "The Women of the Tomb".  I am not a critic so all I will say is go and watch it for yourself.  I enjoyed both plays and will probably go and see them again.  Then it was off Covent Garden to listen to an acoustic set from the one and only Samuel Hartman Wilcock, full on sing along.

Cast members including Leanne Everitt (far right)

Cast members Janine Ulfane, Adan Creegan and Leanne Everitt
Leanne and Sam

And then on the opposite end of the culture spectrum was Tarrus Riley and David Rodigan at o2 Shepherds Bush.  It was a free event for all o2 customers and the place was packed.  Such a good vibe, all sorts of people and ages.  Had an amazing time.  I may even go and buy me some Roots Reggae music but the likely hood is I'll buy shoes!


Monday, 1 November 2010

Moon Lighting

So my past week has been mainly work and no play but I'm not going to complain I have managed to do a lot of moon lighting.  My week was a mash up of The Wailers, Tmobile, Collection make up, Signature, Jamie Afro and a cold dark London zoo.  Its has not all been caught on camera but it has been a great week of people watching. I love London for its cool people with attitude. Fashion wise you can do as you please and you'd amazed what some people will rock. I myself can appreciate it all.
Have a look at the good ones I found.

Tmobile Ad Heathrow. Cool snow boarding photographer.  Jacket from charity shop store in Suffolk, bargain

Tmobile ad Heathrow. Pretty cool dude.

Love this girl, she was so sweet. Cute tweed jacket and loafers.

Love this chicks lace and leather mix.  Very of the moment.

Apart from being stunning she got it so right with the faux fur, neutral colors and clogs.

To cool for school. Attitude, hard leather with dainty dress.  Simple flat brogues.

Screening London zoo

Original piece from movie

I tell you no lie there are killer dogs n this picture!