Sunday, 23 January 2011


All work and no play makes Claudia a little dull but it didn't take much for me to get inspired I tell ya!

Now I know the Golden Globes red carpet has been torn to pieces andthen put back together 6 million times already this week but can everyone please give Helena Bonham Carter a break.  She's a grown woman who knows her own mind and she quite clearly does not want to conform and I for one say knock yourself out Helena sweet heart you cheered up my telly watching!  I have nothing but respect for someone who does their fashion thing with no regard for popularity.
Salute you H B C!

Did a shoot this week for programme set in the 40's.  Costumes were very interesting.  We all looked like our grandparents very erie but nice. Picked my favourite costume and hair for you.

Worked with a great group of peeps on a shoot.  Customised, sourced and borrowed(from myself) and the results were amazing! Here are a few action shots from the day and official pictures to follow, can't wait.  The model Andy was fierce with our help of course!

Danielle Everitt very talented make up artiste and I hard at work.

Ha ha those jeans are mine and they fit her!  Final shots will feature super hot on trend Jewelery by Lovestone.


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Love a Dancer!x

For all those that thought the festivities were over you are wrong!  I didn't realise how many birthdays and Chrimbo/end of year parties there were left! Suffice to say the beginning of 2011 has pretty much been like the end of 2010, very merry.

Now I have been in show biz for a while but have never really done a huge amount of socialising with my fellow dancers. I few at a time maybe but that's it. I was so missing out! I love them.  It has been a mash up of amazing outfits hot bodies and smiley faces.  So this blog is for you Dancers.  I salute you. We strive, we train (sometimes), we continuously analyse, we doubt, we have confidence unknown to mere mortals, we long, we enjoy the high life (without celeb £) but most of all we dance our asses off whether working or not and look super hot while doing it.  I thank you.  Check them out.

Franks surprise birthday party at Vibe bar Brick lane.
These two cool cats. Trendy as well as talented! Loving Franks trousers.

Jeffery looking very suave.

Teneisha salsa princess (at the time)
 Tuesday night at Jewel and Mahiki.

Funda's shoes. Amazing will be researching these!

Lovely ladies. Funda, hot shoes. Fiona perfect hair and Emma jacket to die for.

Katie Collins. Love this girls style. From the 40's twist on her modern bob. To her high waisted shorts with peep toe Mary Jane's.

Birthday girl Jeanette Taylor in a gorgeous dress.

That's not Jessica Grist, can't be. Hot new hair, and perfect fitting dress. Lovely.

Who's this in those vintage suede short dungarees, her grandads shirt and fabulous leopards boots?

Ha ha leopard on leopard on leopard!

Girly show girls. Jennifer Chapman, Lucy Emes, Laura Smith and Fiona.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Waassuup! Happy New Year folks! I have been off the radar for a minute but I'm back a little bit heavier and rearing to go! I have had a lovely couple of weeks what with Chrimbo and  my New Years trip to Dubai land.  I can't help but feel great full for all my blessing and the crazy but quite delightful people that are in my life and cross my path. 
Right soppy shizzle done with down to the nitty gritty.

Now I couldn't let the season go by without picture of some food so here

Capone wrapped in a gorgeous silver fabric, Salmon sitting on an edgy black tray.

Saw these shoes in Kurt Geiger at the Emirates mall.  Suede with Swarovski crystals. Lovely.

The old Burj Khalifa

Ah fishes, Aquarium in the middle of my shopping experience.

New Years was brought in at The Cellar in The Irish village in Dubai. Dinner, drinks and dancing. Very good well rehearsed combination.
Me , Lisa Marshall, Jane Victory and Lisa's mum.

Dress Asos, shoes old faithful Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (or the other way around never remember).

After a relaxing day at Jumeria beach we take a stroll leisurely looking for a taxi and who do we bump into? None other than the Mr Eubanks.  How random. Yes I know I look like a hot mess but what could I do, just walk on by? Hell to the no but shame on me.   He was a very polite man just chilling with his kids not a cravat or a over sized truck in sight!
Me and Chris Eubanks, JBR

Shirt H&M, trousers American apparel or course! Shoes you know, attitude home grown baby!