Monday, 2 February 2015

Over the cold ,Bring on Spring wear!

Don't get me wrong I love the winter and my lovely winter wardrobe but I am soo ready for the spring mainly so I can put my new wares on.  Yes I want the weather to change for fashion don't judge me!  I mean it's not my fault new season clothes are ready and waiting for me is it?  This season we have so many styles to look forward to.  70's style brought over from the winter, futuristic metallics and all of that luxurious sports wear we have seen so much of and can not get enough of.   I have updated my wardrobe with a few affordable key pieces (mainly footwear).  For now I'll just be wearing them around the house willing the temperature to go up.

If you want to update your wardrobe with just one piece I would go for the Mule.  They made a brief appearance last year but didn't really cement their heal very firmly enough but I see great things for the Mule this season.  I have gone for a classic black mule but there are so many to choose from.
Take a look at what I have found from breaking the bank Mule to a bargain Mule!

Balenciaga £405
Faith from Asos £59

Gianvito Rossi £445
River Island £35
Miu Miu £252 sale

Topshop £62

New Look £16

Monday, 6 October 2014

My World: Let's put the Boot in!

My World: Let's put the Boot in!: First and foremost I have to say how happy I have been with our long summer or mild September shall I say.  I think I am correct in stating ...

Let's put the Boot in!

First and foremost I have to say how happy I have been with our long summer or mild September shall I say.  I think I am correct in stating that Autumn is here and with this brings the change of wardrobe essentials.  I am always excited about the change in season and feel the need to impart my fashion do don't loves and not so happy with events along with any buys and wish list items.

There are so many different looks that I love for AW14, oversized knits, winter pastels and glittery everything but most of all I am loving the throw back to the Sixties in the boot department.
Now it is no secret I have a few shopping issues and shoes generally pay a huge part in this so I have complied a quick go to to aid anyone who would like to update their wardrobe with the perfect winter boot.  You can thank me later, anything to help you guys and if I happen to purchase a pair in the process who am I to interfere with the fashion Gods?!

Feast you eyes on these beauts.

Saint Laurent £795 at Net-a-Porter
Asos take on the above at £45 

Check out Topshops gorg knee boots at £115
Topshop again at £88

L'Autre Chose so 60's from £190-£400

Cute CheapMonday ankle boots £90

Thought I'd add these in from Asos £50 as everyone is loving a  platform at the moment and they're such a good price.
I very simple and classic knee boot from L'Autre Chose my new favourite boot maker! I may have purchased a pair opps.
 Hope you find the perfect pair!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Shoe Game

Ok so we are well into Spring/Summer fashion season.  What have you done to update your wardrobe for this season? I myself have opted for the shoe update.  Don't get me wrong I have seen and fallen in love with so many fantasic pieces in the stores and on the catwalks but I had to make a choice and more often than not it comes down to shoes.

So as a treat to myself after a trying few months and happening into the pop up store in Covent Garden I decided I would invest in a pair of Sophia Webster heels.  I unfortunately missed the sample sale so ventured online to her website.
I can only explain her site as candy for your senses.  It's so bright and inviting and that is just the page designs.  The shoes are exquisite.  Every pair pretty much made me want to adorn, jump on stage and do the performance of my lifetime.  They are all show pieces.

I chose these Rosa 2 Rainbow heels.  One of the lower price and a bit more practical (I can dance all night in them. Tried and tested). Prices range from £120-595.
Sophia Webster

To be honest the next pair were a susurprise to me.  I went looking for a sensible pair of black flat sandals and ended up with these bad boys from Zara.  I was so happy to work some metallic into my shoe game as I love all of the high sheen and foil tops about at the moment. 


Last but not least these very practical trend for this summer the slip on trainer.  I did the rounds and looked all over for my favourite within in my price range.  I could have gone for a plain or floral print but I have always had a thing for leopard print anything.  These were the pick of the bunch.
Clockwise from top left Aldo £65, Ash £139, Ebay £40, Saint Laurent  £305.

I went for the Aldo ones with a little added sparkle.  Sold out on Aldo website but managed to get a pair from Asos!

That's me covered for a while plus I have just decided to do 100 days shopping free for a challenge.  Wish me luck!!!


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hats off to you Piers!

Oh my goodness I have just come across milliner extraordinaire Piers Atkinson.  I'm in love (again).  I would go into great detail about this genius but you can google him for that I am going to show some of my favourite of his pieces.  If you ever thought hats were boring and just for the mother of the bride feast your eyes on these.  I have an afro so hats are hard to wear but the head dresses are amazing!

I would wear them all.  Prices range from £85-£380 and the pictures are from the Piers Atkinson site and Net a Porter.


Monday, 3 February 2014

High fashion v High street

I am often surprised at how quickly some looks run from the catwalks to the high street and then other times I get very frustrated at knowing exactly what I want and not being able to find it at a reasonable price ie not hundreds or thousands of pounds.  If given a choice I will always opt for the quality version over the cheap and cheerful version but I am a realist and also not stupid (most of the time) and not a millionaire as yet so finding high street versions of fabulous designer dresses like from Victoria Beckham makes me happy.  It is not an absolute copy.  It has the essence of the VB dress I love it.  Have a look and see what you think. Victoria Beckham vs Boohoo peeps.

Victoria Beckham £855
Boohoo £20

Slip sliding

I love all seasons fashion wise because I love fashion and a change of season means adjusting your state of mind and embracing another fashion alter ego.  Well fashion bunnies we are on the cusp of change spring is a coming!  If you've been paying attention 4.30pm is no longer pitch black and I personally no longer feel the urge to only drink red wine and hot chocolate. Sadly we are not there yet and the reason for my saddness about the cold is my almost addiction to slides. Not the kind you put in a projector or the kind you sit at the top of and scream your way to the bottom. I am talking about the shoe or for better want of a word slipper kind.
Last summer I happened upon a look that was so wrong it was brilliant. To my knowledge it originated in the USA amoung those very cool looking bad boy types. You know the ones your mother told you to stay away from but you just couldn't help yourself? The look usually worn with baggy shorts and an even baggier Tshirt vest or jumper for me is very alluring.

On one of my regular Instagram sessions I happened upon a shoot from Adidas using "Socks & Slides" as their caption and a love union was formed.  I was obviously not the only one as a number of high end designers have come up with their own version of the very attainable look.
Now I have my very own Adidas slides and I think for now I am happy with these to make a 2014 appearance when the wind and rain and sub zero conditions have truly vacated the country (for a while at least. I know wishful thinking) but you feast your eyes on these beauties and hope that the daffodil patch near you also pops up a pair of sliders.

CHLO&EACUTE £560 available at

CHRISTOPHER KANE £210 also available at Net-a-Porter

SEE BY CHLO&EACUTE £170 Net-a-porter


My ADIDAS socks and slides around £20