Monday, 25 October 2010

All very civilised

So I was invited to an event at a gallery on Thursday and me being game for any party I went along.  It was an exhibition of photography in the very trendy Shoreditch (of course) .  The venue "AOP" very nice and simple as a gallery should be as it's all about the the art right? Can't say I'm any kind of expert on that stuff, to be honest I heard free bar.  I know a little classless but I've been told we are in  recession and should save at every opportunity.  However I did surprise myself and found it quite interesting.  When you take the time to actually look at something the mind then conjures all sorts of back stories and events. I liked that.  Probably won't make it a regular activity but it was interesting.

Now I have tried to promise myself that I will not purchase to many pairs of shoes/boots this season.  Not because I no longer love them because that will never happen but simply because I won't wear them all.  At the beginning of the summer I did boot sale and noticed alot of things had not been worn or just the once!  What a waste, could have gone on a holiday with the money spent on those unworn shoes.  Anywho what can you do.  So instead I've tried to be sensible about my purchases, the outfit maker Leopard ankle boots (blog 1) and to my surprise a pair of very wearable brown ankle boots from Topshop.  I am surprised because I usually don't like to buy things that started off on a catwalk, then get picked up by every high street store and copied to death.  By no means I am a snob I buy things at Primark but when you see something in every shop and on every other persons feet it's not good for the ego.  The boots have already taken me happily through a night out and a hardcore one at that, "Telepathy".
Lets hope I don't break my promise but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't, just don't tell anyone please. He he


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Don't panic

So manage to mislay my camera on the set of  children's programe I've been filming on last week.  Got a little carried away with taking shots of the costumes and set but alas I have no shots :-(. Don't panic though I have purchased a brand spanking new camera and I'm snapping away and who knows my old camera may find it's way home and you can see what an Egyptian/Gagaess dancer looks like.

Any who I've noticed leather is well and truly wedged itself into each and every shop this season whether it be real or faux.  I have always loved me a bit of leather. Picture a skinny 16 year old in leather jeans (the biker type) and calf length chunky biker boots ,oh and fake Versace belt! I looked treat, everyone else was wearing stretch jeans.  I have been lucky enough to have picked up some lovely pieces over the last couple of years many of which I have cut into shorts or made bags out of.  Most never saw daylight he he. Have a look.

Purchased at Exchange Bargain!

Hareem Dungarees

Full Leather wrap skirt. 90's purchase

Leather cap sleeve open back T-shirt

Mini shift dress

Monday, 11 October 2010

Great weekend!

Hope they didnt miss this one!
Wow eventful weekend! Started off on Thursday at Tinie Tempah's album launch party, a few familiar faces celeb and civilian Kiesha from Sugar babes, Tincy Stryder.  Did notice that there are alot of those urban geek Tinie Tempah look alike's around. Don't get me wrong they are cute but it does make me laugh when the masses jump on a look whether it suits them or not. Anyway fun had by all, free bar what more can I say and yes I borrowed a very nice mug that the drinks were being served in. Sorry mum.
It was then off to Yo Yo's for a few Mojito's and a boogie (had to break in the Leopard boots).

Friday after recovery, went to see "Blues Brother" featuring my dear friend and colleague Vicki Goddard. She looked and sounded amazing. Made me wish I had kept up the singing lessons but to be honest your either a Whitney/Mariah or you ain't!

Saturday was spent wondering the streets of Brixton and do you know what it's my new favourite part of town. On one side of the street you have the Yardies in the barber shops not doing much cutting and on the other side you have the middle classes queing for some organic pizza place! Love the variety. South London forever.  Then did a bit of Podium with the lovely Sophie Atkins who if far to gorgeous to stand next to for long.

Chilling in the park
Sunday I had a lovely lunch at The Bridge Tavern Crystal Palace with me old mucka Ben Clarke then a walk through the park putting the world to rights and wondering when we were going to grow up.

I wonder what this week will hold? Only time will tell. DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!x

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hello Hi!

So I've pulled my finger out of my A and finally started a Blog! Very excited I'm a dancer by trade so being in the industry you get to see a lot and hear a lot of funny things.  People watching is one of my favourite pass times but my all time job would be on the panel with Joan Rivers for "Fashion Police" on E.  Being paid to dissect the stars on their clothes amazing.

Any how I loving the seasons change (fashion wise of course).  What look am I going to go for his season? What can I drag out from previous seasons? It's all very exciting.  For myself I've opted for the Camel Cape. Hot purchase from a trip to Chile last month. It's Yaks wool so super warm and band on trend.  I've also decided to do the Leopard print. Now not wanting to go overboard I'm sticking to footwear, cute little ankle boots from Kurt Geiger.  There are so many amazing buys but I'm gonna keep it real and go slowly slowly don't want to get carried away, get to spring and realize the overly priced Aviator jacket I just had to have has just sat in the wardrobe collecting dust!

Right I off. Got job number two of the day the prepare for. The joys of a dancers life.