Friday, 7 October 2011

Skin deep

Hey peeps.  This week I could tell you about the work I've been doing or the great things I've bought or seen people wearing but instead I'm going to address a subject that could make some of you a little uncomfortable or maybe it's me that feels uncomfortable as when you talk about a subject like this one some people get that look on their face, you know the one, they are thinking "what are you talking about, that doesn't happen" or they change the subject really quick because they know it happens but don't want to address it because it doesn't affect them.  I am talking about the lack of dark skinned black women like myself in the media.  See some of you so want to stop reading but I'll carry on as I'm sure I'll be back to my  frivolous account of the world as I see it next week.
So why do I feel the need this week you may wonder? While looking through a well known internet fashion sites free magazine I came across these shots and adverts and was happily shocked.

Why you may ask.  Well because the there are beautiful dark skinned models in them and this is not seen very often at all.  You may beg to disagree but when you truly look at the media black women are usually represented by women of mixed race with "none offensive" features.  I used the term "none offensive" because this a terms I have heard used with regards to different racial visuals.  I do not like the term and find it offensive but while I'm on one I'll just put it all out there.  Now I could go into a full on political rant but these photos show me that things are changing very slowly but surely for the better.
I have had the privilege of being brought up by parents who consciously or not made life very open and mixed and relatively chiponshoulderless.  I say this because I am not coming from a place of feeling held back by my colour in anyway, it may have happened but I have a brain that chooses rightly or wrongly to ignore it.  However I am not totally blind and am aware of societies and the medias attitude, it is obvious.  Things are a changing! I can feel it in my waters and I see it in the eyes of people I talk to when going about my work and play.  I am no fool and I know some people and corporations do not want change and are happy to ignore true beauty whatever the colour of its face. To you I'll give a little pity and turn away I'm not into banging on brick walls.
Anywhoo I have but touched on a very deep rooted and sensitive subject.  I won't go on as I feel there are others who can and do put a very educated and valid points forward.  I have somewhat of a flighty mind that just wants to think about fashion, parties and dancing but I will say, I am very proud to be who I am.  I love my people with all of our perfections and flaws.  I love people with all their flaws.
Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll tackle the subject of hair! Ha! Minefield.


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