Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Winter wonder

Now don't get me wrong I love the sun and the summer and all it represents, alfresco dining, shorts, lovely long evenings but it's the change of a season and to people like me thats means shopping!
We have been very lucky in London town as it's November and still quite mild and I'm so glad as I have been able to wear my midi skirts and dresses and not cover all of my recent purchases with a heavy over coat or spoil an over all look with 50 denier tights.

If you have read previous blogs you will know that I sometimes worry about my purchases and whether I really need any of it.  I usually get over myself in a matter of minutes and the answer is always yes to needing everything.  I am reminding you of this as I seem to have accumulated quite an array of new season bits and a few sparkles for the Christmas season, of which I am really looking forward by the way.

An Asos spree with a Vivienne Westwood mens shirt, over sized on me of course but great with some skinnys. 

Always loved Boy London stuff.  This seasons Chelsea boot from Zara and  some Topshop slipper type flats.

Studded top and leather trim knit both from Zara

That black shape is a very gorgeous tuxedo jacket from Zara and I couldn't pass up this seasons metallic trend also from Zara. 
I think that by my next blog I shall be relatively over my winter/Christmas wardrobe but if I'm not I will make no apologies as it makes me smile.


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  1. OMG! totes love the BOY London!!! Oh and a bit of VIV west! x