Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Big Ball of Dancers

 Well hello beautiful people and Merry Christmas!

 This post is solely dedicated to the Dancers Christmas Ball.  It's been a few years since the last one but the organisers definitely made up for this with a beautiful venue and great entertainment.  The charity this year is Macmillan Cancer support which I'm sure everyone of us can somehow relate to or knows some one that can .  I do not know the final numbers yet but I have a feeling the dancers of London did them proud.  

 Here are a few shots from the night.  I didn't get to snap  everyone and I missed a few amazing dresses and outfits due to timing and being overwhelmed by gorgeousness.  Feel free to send me pics Mandy Lidell, Leanne Hainsby, Jazzy and Claire Meehan and that dude in the multicoloured sequin jacket. I saw I loved but alas I didn't snap.

We were entertained.
The tantalising Emma Dee Vees

Two of the flakettes Leanne Hainsby and Katie  Kooster.  Choreography by Layla and Styled by Shelina.  Loved it ladies.

Them off XFactor Times Red

Rough Copy
We were dazzled with fabulousness.

Graham Norton and pals enjoying the nights entertainment

Felicity Todd

Nathan Clarke

The man himself Ciaran Connolly

Rhonda, Haley, Kelechi, Karen and Kerri looking beautiful

Teneisha with the cutest fair trade clutch bag made from sweetie wrappers.

Stefan, del, Tommy and Farouk all looking very smart

The stunning Carmelle Rudder

My girl style crush Samantha Jackson in a sequin  tux.  Love this!

Erin, Andrea and Francesca gorgeous dresses ladies!

Jessica Grist looking very Hollywood

Two legends  Dominique and Jenny
Llyrio Boateng
Aaron Witter very dapper

Stylist Karl Willet wearing Hiroaki Kanai

Rai Quartley in a custom made dress by Tara al-Wali
Natalie Smith Wright and I

My crew for the night Vanessa, Elliot , God bod Cem and Charlie Mayhew
Well done Ciaran Connolly, Andrian Gas, Johnny White and all the people behind the scenes.

If you would still like to donate here you go


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