Monday, 3 February 2014

Slip sliding

I love all seasons fashion wise because I love fashion and a change of season means adjusting your state of mind and embracing another fashion alter ego.  Well fashion bunnies we are on the cusp of change spring is a coming!  If you've been paying attention 4.30pm is no longer pitch black and I personally no longer feel the urge to only drink red wine and hot chocolate. Sadly we are not there yet and the reason for my saddness about the cold is my almost addiction to slides. Not the kind you put in a projector or the kind you sit at the top of and scream your way to the bottom. I am talking about the shoe or for better want of a word slipper kind.
Last summer I happened upon a look that was so wrong it was brilliant. To my knowledge it originated in the USA amoung those very cool looking bad boy types. You know the ones your mother told you to stay away from but you just couldn't help yourself? The look usually worn with baggy shorts and an even baggier Tshirt vest or jumper for me is very alluring.

On one of my regular Instagram sessions I happened upon a shoot from Adidas using "Socks & Slides" as their caption and a love union was formed.  I was obviously not the only one as a number of high end designers have come up with their own version of the very attainable look.
Now I have my very own Adidas slides and I think for now I am happy with these to make a 2014 appearance when the wind and rain and sub zero conditions have truly vacated the country (for a while at least. I know wishful thinking) but you feast your eyes on these beauties and hope that the daffodil patch near you also pops up a pair of sliders.

CHLO&EACUTE £560 available at

CHRISTOPHER KANE £210 also available at Net-a-Porter

SEE BY CHLO&EACUTE £170 Net-a-porter


My ADIDAS socks and slides around £20


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