Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hello Hi!

So I've pulled my finger out of my A and finally started a Blog! Very excited I'm a dancer by trade so being in the industry you get to see a lot and hear a lot of funny things.  People watching is one of my favourite pass times but my all time job would be on the panel with Joan Rivers for "Fashion Police" on E.  Being paid to dissect the stars on their clothes amazing.

Any how I loving the seasons change (fashion wise of course).  What look am I going to go for his season? What can I drag out from previous seasons? It's all very exciting.  For myself I've opted for the Camel Cape. Hot purchase from a trip to Chile last month. It's Yaks wool so super warm and band on trend.  I've also decided to do the Leopard print. Now not wanting to go overboard I'm sticking to footwear, cute little ankle boots from Kurt Geiger.  There are so many amazing buys but I'm gonna keep it real and go slowly slowly don't want to get carried away, get to spring and realize the overly priced Aviator jacket I just had to have has just sat in the wardrobe collecting dust!

Right I off. Got job number two of the day the prepare for. The joys of a dancers life.


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