Monday, 11 October 2010

Great weekend!

Hope they didnt miss this one!
Wow eventful weekend! Started off on Thursday at Tinie Tempah's album launch party, a few familiar faces celeb and civilian Kiesha from Sugar babes, Tincy Stryder.  Did notice that there are alot of those urban geek Tinie Tempah look alike's around. Don't get me wrong they are cute but it does make me laugh when the masses jump on a look whether it suits them or not. Anyway fun had by all, free bar what more can I say and yes I borrowed a very nice mug that the drinks were being served in. Sorry mum.
It was then off to Yo Yo's for a few Mojito's and a boogie (had to break in the Leopard boots).

Friday after recovery, went to see "Blues Brother" featuring my dear friend and colleague Vicki Goddard. She looked and sounded amazing. Made me wish I had kept up the singing lessons but to be honest your either a Whitney/Mariah or you ain't!

Saturday was spent wondering the streets of Brixton and do you know what it's my new favourite part of town. On one side of the street you have the Yardies in the barber shops not doing much cutting and on the other side you have the middle classes queing for some organic pizza place! Love the variety. South London forever.  Then did a bit of Podium with the lovely Sophie Atkins who if far to gorgeous to stand next to for long.

Chilling in the park
Sunday I had a lovely lunch at The Bridge Tavern Crystal Palace with me old mucka Ben Clarke then a walk through the park putting the world to rights and wondering when we were going to grow up.

I wonder what this week will hold? Only time will tell. DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!x

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