Monday, 6 December 2010

Snow Yetty!

As most of the world now know we had a bit of snow here in blighty last week.  Near my home it was around a 7".  It was a very pretty sight but we couldn't handle it.  The we I speak of is Britain. Everything shut down, schools, trains, planes.  I personally found it all very amusing as I worked from home for the beginning of the week then around Wednesday I had to venture out and pick up costumes for the Underwraps Christmas show I am helping style.  Now I'm a person that doesn't like being cold so I pulled out the big guns.  Home made knitted wool hat (cream), faux fur jacket with hood (rusty brown), wool legging(grey), thermals underwear, woolly socks(cream) and to keep the wet slushy snow out my old faithful red wellies with white stars on.  I know it all sounds a bit much right? I agree but it was cold and snowing and I did try and tie in colours and keep them neutral. Cerfice to say I looked like a snow Yetty.  So off I went on a buying mission to the West End but alas no more than 30 minutes away from my lovely suburban home there was no snow! Oxford street was full of fashionista's still wearing their heels and Capes arms exposed with their hair in top knots not a woolly hat in sight.  I did get a few strange looks form these amazing looking chicks but whatever darlings the South of London was a snowy hazards of a place so there!  And no there are know pictures of me as a Yetty because there is just no need to expose myself to the world.

This girl must have traveled in from my neck of the woods.
Cool Sherlock Holmes coat.
Found a few cute bits while watching the snow fall outside.
Alaia boots. To cute.

Jimmy Choo Uggs.  Very tempting!

Rachel Gilbert dress. Love this so simply but elegant.

We Are Handsome one piece. I just love anything with animals on it.

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