Monday, 20 December 2010

Spot the reality star in the run up.

 The run up to Christmas brings lots of merriment whether at work or play.  Check out the cast and set at "Studio 54" St Albans.  The set, as camp as Christmas itself, the cast all very camera happy myself included!
Leanne and Charlotte

The boys. Tom,Luke, Denny and Stefan

We have bendy Tamzen, Fire mistress Emma and Tumbler Becky. All put me to shame with their skills!
  So I battled the snow in my wellies managing not to look like a crazy snow Yetty yay!  It was an impromptu visit to "Dancers do drinks" at Cafe De Paris after my last show.  I had a fabulous time darling.  Lots of dancers reality stars and the like all very West End which I haven't done for a while.

Now as I have said it was impromptu so yes I'm in a t-shirt and pants but they are my favorite. Disco pant from American Apparel and an early ClaudMarVon t-shirt so I was still representing!
Andrew Stone from "Pineapple Studio".

The girls, so cute.

This ladies dress was amazing by Tina Labondi , she styled it well with that layered necklace.

The boys Denny, Jeffery, Turbo and Dan.

Farouk and I (you cant see the evil Vodka bottle)
 And fresh from the jungle the one and only Aggro Santos.  Ahh he's so cute.
Aggro and I
Now even if it's freezing don't get caught out like I did a couple of weeks ago!

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