Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Love a Dancer!x

For all those that thought the festivities were over you are wrong!  I didn't realise how many birthdays and Chrimbo/end of year parties there were left! Suffice to say the beginning of 2011 has pretty much been like the end of 2010, very merry.

Now I have been in show biz for a while but have never really done a huge amount of socialising with my fellow dancers. I few at a time maybe but that's it. I was so missing out! I love them.  It has been a mash up of amazing outfits hot bodies and smiley faces.  So this blog is for you Dancers.  I salute you. We strive, we train (sometimes), we continuously analyse, we doubt, we have confidence unknown to mere mortals, we long, we enjoy the high life (without celeb £) but most of all we dance our asses off whether working or not and look super hot while doing it.  I thank you.  Check them out.

Franks surprise birthday party at Vibe bar Brick lane.
These two cool cats. Trendy as well as talented! Loving Franks trousers.

Jeffery looking very suave.

Teneisha salsa princess (at the time)
 Tuesday night at Jewel and Mahiki.

Funda's shoes. Amazing will be researching these!

Lovely ladies. Funda, hot shoes. Fiona perfect hair and Emma jacket to die for.

Katie Collins. Love this girls style. From the 40's twist on her modern bob. To her high waisted shorts with peep toe Mary Jane's.

Birthday girl Jeanette Taylor in a gorgeous dress.

That's not Jessica Grist, can't be. Hot new hair, and perfect fitting dress. Lovely.

Who's this in those vintage suede short dungarees, her grandads shirt and fabulous leopards boots?

Ha ha leopard on leopard on leopard!

Girly show girls. Jennifer Chapman, Lucy Emes, Laura Smith and Fiona.


  1. Amazing collection of styles, uniqueness and gorgousness!

    Well done and thankyou for sharing the stye Claudia!

    oh and leopard on leopard on leopard! LOL

    The winning outfit for me has to be Jessica's Dress but them shoes she was wearing!?!??!?!!!!!!! WOW!

  2. Ahh thanks for your comment anon. Jessica did look perfect in that dress and Funda definately won in the shoe department!