Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's a London thing

I am loving London at the mo.  It's been the first time in a long time that I have made a point of appreciating my city, granted more than not I'm not in it but as I'm grounded for a while I have made it my mission to see what London has to offer a gal like me and freeness is the key.
I started out slow the parks Hyde, Brockwell and Dulwich and there is much to be said for the local park.  People tended to be a bit more considerate and put on swim wear rather than just strip down to their underwear (Hyde park) and flaunt about on their communication devices.  Made for great free entertainment though and if your there during festival time ie. Wireless or the like you get a great vibe inside and outside of the venue.
Little bit of park candy

Soo after getting it into my mind that free fun is the way forward I had a look for a few activities and what did I find? A chance to surf in the middle of London so I signed up.
Urban surf is a promotion going on this week  near Liverpool St. It is actually promoting a drink brand but to do so they are giving free sessions on this Urban surf machine. I have never Surfed, Snow boarded or skated boarded before but I am a Dancer I have good balance right? Ha! I was a hot wet mess but had the best day, specially as after battering your body trying to stay on various shaped boards you can then get a free massage and beverage of choice (mine being a Rose).
Check out my skillz

I got skillz!

Maybe not!

Last but not least I had the opportunity to have a look around CosProps in Holloway.  It's the kind of place you could lose your self in all day trying on costumes from every era but my favourite section was this accessories room, look closely the pieces were amazing!



  1. Great shots and great post!Thanks for sharing!