Sunday, 19 June 2011


So after another amazing tour date with the Extreme Freestylers to Paris my feet have been firmly on British soil for a full week and I have no plans of leaving for a while.  I didn't see much of Paris as per usual.  We visited the Marriott bar much to the dislike of the other guests who were generally late forties    and quite reserved.  Picture six riders and their mechanics plus techies  and six dancers with a larger than life choreographer taking over the bar. Funny, for us that is.

Vanessa, Naomi (breathing fire) and me

Of course there was the stadium and the very enthusiastic  fans who at one point were demanding kisses. This particular  group had the average age of 12, cheeky.
International Riders and a few hotties he he
Last but not least the after party sponsored by Monster and our very generous producer Adam Moneyman.  We started at an Irish bar and then onto a club of which I have no recollection of the name only that we had a good time and totally tore up the dance floor!
Check me out, being all rocky and cool! Love my Allsaints top and Diesel boots. Could wear this outfit everyday!

The prospect of being at home for a while makes me feel good and has been fun already.  Meetings, dinner with the gorgeous Girly Show at Maddox.  Which by the way for a set menu which can sometimes be touch and go was very lovely, thanks girls!
Also I filmed for a morning with Ricky Gervais as director.  Now if you've read my blog you will know I don't really speak ill of people but he has to have the most annoying, penetrating laugh  ever. Yeah I said it.  The funny thing was I don't recall anyone else laughing.

Anywho until next time.

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