Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm a butterfly!

Hey y'all! Yes that's me I'm a social butterfly flitting around London and beyond at the drop of a stack heel!
I seem to be pretty partial to a roof top terrace at the moment. Firstly there was Aqua on Agile Street which is all very chic with its huge restaurant and spacious terrace and then the very intimate Sanctum hotel roof terrace including Jacuzzi.  It has just right space and setting for an intimate but jolly party.  The staff were very helpful and even let me play my ipod of which I was complimented all night for my set list may I add. Of course as the clock struck 12 and in turned into my birthday I got into the Jacuzzi (well it was there, its only right) and again the staff were very attentive keeping an eye out as it is a bar and the alcohol was flowing.  Alone with a varied food menu if not a little pricey for what it was a
 great night on a roof!
Sanctum Hotel


Sticking with my "I love London" theme from a couple of blogs ago I indulged in a mid week social with the lovely Jennifer Leung in New Cross Saaff(south) London.  Firstly was the New Cross house. A cosy yet classy establishment. Clean lines loads of space.  The beer garden on a sunny day is a haven with an upstairs that resembles an epic tree house from one of those kiddie movies, very cool.

Then is was over the road to the New Cross Inn to listen to some bands.  A very different place, young and darkly atmospheric.  Everyone very cool, dressed to kill in whatever their style.  The music ranged from Jazz funk to straight Metal (which is when I had to get some fresh air).  My favourite "Rhianon and the night mares" and this wasn't because they let me drum on two of their tracks but it did help sway my allegiance.  They are a cross between Florence and the machine and that chick that sing"that's not my name".  Sorry I'm not very good at my band names!  All in all a great night.
New Cross Inn

Rhianon and the Nightmares.  Ok so there is just one drum but they let me play with them for two tracks.

Really cool vintage dress

This girls Lace top was cute.
It seems that I have just been playing but that is not the case!  I have been working, the only problem is I had to sign one of them form that says I can not blab.  Liberty.  When I can I will! haha

Thanks Nicky


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