Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hey hey!

Not going to lie people I'm sitting here feeling a bit smug.  No I didn't win last nights lottery unfortunately but I have had a great trip to Glasgow with an amazing group of people.  Now for legal reason I can't divulge exactly what I have been up to or put any incriminating pictures up but it was all very large scale.  I worked with both lovely and random bunch mainly from the contemporary world.  Their enthusiasm and passion for what we were doing and to be honest for everything they did put me to shame but I am sure some rubbed off on me!  Although it was a gruelling schedule we did manage to do a little sightseeing well partying to be honest and collectively as a group we made some serious shapes on those Glaswegian dance floors (the Social will never forget us!).
I must say Glasgow Central was definatly a pleasurable place to be.  For those that like museums there are those.  I'd love to say I frequented them all and I have no excuses as one was very modern and inviting but not as inviting as the shops!!!  People first of all the streets are huge by this I mean wide like those in the US.  The architecture was very bold with huge columns and figurines everywhere, it just felt grand.  This crossed over into the shopping experience and the restaurants  you felt the need to go into all of them, ok I felt the need as I always do.  Suffice to say I got a few bits to add to my autumn winter wardrobe and as I can't put pictures of my work your going to get boots ha!

Very sensibly and cute
For food my favourite was a place called Lucky 7.  The decor and furniture was all very cool random 12" records hanging around and shoes hung over things oh and the food was great.  Corinthians was also very grand and the food was amazing but a bit to footballers wives for me, by that I mean the clientele.  Sorry.
Lucky 7

Corinthians building

Half of the crew at Corinthians
Last but not least the difference in people was the most obvious.  Strangers were talking to me left right and centre so different from London but there is no place like home!


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