Sunday, 11 September 2011

I'm torn!

Wow people I am a woman that is torn.  It may sound all a tad dramatical and yes that would be true I guess.  My dilemma? It's a new season and there are lots of things to turn a girls eye. I have indulged in a few items yes and then just as I'm about to go full throttle in to a retail assault the voice of reason booms at me! "do you really need any of this?" the answer is obviously no as I know a piece of fabric or animal skin(leather shoes) is not essential to me being a happy healthy person but maann its some seriously great entertainment! I mean, whats better in life than playing dress up and showing everyone through fashion what your thinking in you minds eye?  We've all walked past someone in the street and thought you looked in the mirror before you left your house and thought "I'm feeling and looking sexy/fruity/comfy/strong or just a little nuts" and then walked out to show the world.  Fashion is fun and I suppose the reason I feel torn is that it is superficial in the media and sometimes grossly over priced but I love it all the same.  Finding or making a piece and then wearing it for the world to see how I'm feeling about myself without actually having to speak to anyone is pretty fabulous.  Of course I understand that clothes do not maketh the person and it really doesn't matter how much you spend as if you have a style any style it transcends wealth but they make me happy!!!

So I guess I'm not really torn at all.  I know my mind and I love FASHIONSSSS!

Here are a few bits I found.

Emma Cook dress
Chole suede skirt. Love the colour and length

Jumper by Gargoyle

Bertie boots

Now I write this on September 11th and it's the 10th anniversary of the Twin towers.  Watching the footage over is absolutely saddening and in a very selfish way I had to stop watching it.  So I'll do all I can and send out love and light into the world and to those that have suffered.



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