Sunday, 22 January 2012

All grown

Yeh y'all!  I have had the most interesting two weeks.  I have started rehearsing for the Opera Carmen which shall be performed at the Salzburg Festival this March.  I am genuinely feeling very previlaged to be a part of this festival not that I knew anything previously about it but there is a definate buzz and considering the colossal cast it should be an epic performance.  Of course I get to go to Salzburg and see what's happening over there in Austria but I also get to work with a whole load of people that I would not have come into contact with otherwise.  For instance the wonderful choreographer and all round creator of wonderfulness Aletta Collins.  Coming from a totally different area of dance as the cast are all contemporary dancers I had no idea who or what she had done and to be honest I wanted to keep it that way so that I came into the project with a totally open mind (and not in the slightest bit overwhelmed).  Aletta could make a loaf of bread sound exciting, her effervescence when explaining our production makes it all come to life through her words even though we're not on set, don't have the real props and none of the other 100 cast!
I can not wait to get into the theatre and get started but I must say it is hard work and for the first time I can empathise with my 9-5 friends, when do you have time to shop and preen and socialise?

Hehe feel like a real grown up!  Saying that I am still not wise enough to not absolutely go batty over mine and the whole fashion worlds new obsession with hi top sneakers.  I didn't go Isabel Marant batty as my friends have or even Marc Jacobs I kept it realistic and went for the original and definitely more humble Ash.

Isabel Marant will set you back about £400.

Marc Jacob My favs!



Anyway I'm off, last week of London rehearsals here I come, be good to me!



  1. uuuh!they are awesome ^^
    follow me and i follow you))

    1. Thanks I thing so. haven't taken them off.
      Following now!

  2. Replies
    1. Me to! Hence the two pairs. Best buy this year.