Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Yes please Giorgio!

So the theme for last week I would say was catch up.  Catch up with friends catch up on movies, catch up on sleep on the latest trends and the soaps the list could go on and it did.  

The most exciting for me is all the new season looks, there are so many! Gatsby, Neon, Floral double acts,  Pyjamas, Pastels,  Peplums, Lace and Metallics.  Then we have mules, yes mules are back and looking super sculpted like a piece of art and there's the wedged sneakers I've been obsessed with that are in every magazine in some form.  
To me there seems to be a lot going on this season.  This is not a bad thing, how could it be, its fashion but the only people I can see getting through it all are the models wearing it especially as us here in London will probably be wearing our winter coats until April/May!  That being said I have picked my favourites and will have a few chosen pieces that I will endeavour to wear.  I'll be all over the floral multi patterns so get your shades on because they'll be blinding!  I am already trying to make my Wedged trainers go with everything I own (doing quite well may I add).

In my excitement I got all arts and crafty but all jokes aside if Giorgio Armani or Mui Mui would like to donate this gold jacket or any pair of those sculpted mules I'm game and would be eternally grateful !

Its a good thing I was excited about the fashions as while catching up on my girly teenage Tv  Gossip girl to be exact I found this.  Usually I love Serena's styling but when the coat was off that jumper and coat were so dowdy, didn't look like the Serena we know and love.

My heavy heart did not last long as I happened upon these to beauties gracing the red carpet  at The Actors Guild Awards.  

Viola Davies from The Help wearing Tadashi Shoji

Jessica Simpson would you believe it wearing Jenny Packham.
Right I'm off the buy thermals to wear under my spring clothes.



  1. AHHH! Viola Davis is a beaut in that gown!!


  2. Great ideas and good taste.

  3. I love armani!
    his cteations are so original!

    1. Have not had a reply yet, defo think he'll send me one. haha

  4. Bonito blog :)