Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello World

Hello world! I've been MIA for a while. So much going on and a real mixed bag. From red sole shoe exhibitions to brief visits to the hospital. Learning amazing choreography and becoming a want to be Yogi. Whats funny is the thing that has resonated in me and brought me out of my writers slump is my realisation of being a brand snob. I hear the gasp from you all and I also here the realisation in your minds as you think about your own consumption and wonder "am I a brand snob?". The answer is probably yes I afraid. I know the current climate may curb such snobbery in certain instances in my world this is confined to things like kitchen towels and cleaning products. I am not ashamed of my thoughts behaviour or actions in anyway it is what it is. I just thought I was more open minded with regards to the underdog. I mean I am British, we love the underdog. Now obviously this brand loving rears its snobby head in my fashion prowess. I shall explain try not fall asleep. I have long loved the Dr Marten boot. It started with my love for TLC you know 90's r'n'b girl group. To look like said band DM's were a must so after long badgery my parents relented. I wore them until the heel was worn right down and this is no mean feat I tell you. Fashion changes and I stayed away from them for a while but about 5 years ago I felt the need to purchase another pair. Still with me? My need was so great for these boots I bought them a little snug on one foot. I then spent the next five years wearing them on average twice a year and working through the pain. After a little time of reflection I decided to rid myself of all unnecessary items of clothing and accessories. The to small DM's had to go so I sold them to then buy again in the right size. The selling experience was not great for me they sold for £20!!! I know I am clearly rubbish at selling. Sensible me wants to replace with a very similar style boot. In jumps the snobbery. I tried for the sake of the equilibrium in my bank balance to love the alternatives but alas the brand won. Have a look and make up you own mind. Black 8 hole Dr Martens Black River Island boot River Island boot Pink Dr Martens However when it comes to my other senses and with this I mean smell. I have opted for a very none branded perfume originating from Moroccan amber. It cost £2 and smells divine. Where is my snobbery now? Life is strange. Great to be back! DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!x


  1. Gotta love Doc Martens! I've always wanted a '90s grunge floral pair! =)