Sunday, 18 March 2012

Salzburg sun

Allo! I write this wonderfully overdue post on a very beautiful sunny Sunday in Salzburg.  I have been here for two weeks and I am having the most amazing time.
Lets start with the work.  You may have read before that I am dancing in the Opera of Carmen in Salzburg.  This is my first Opera experience and can honestly say nothing can prepare you for the sound that comes from these seemingly human opera singers, it is simply phenomenal.  I am not a gushy person but I am undeniably working some of the most talented people ever.  Creative Director and choreographer  Aletta Collins minds works in a way that no mere mortals can, she sees and can jump into any character no matter how small or large at any time and often does to our amusement and total ewe.  We then have Opera legend Jonas Kaufmann.  I had no clue who this dude was three weeks ago and now I have the pleasure of seeing him perform nearly every day and it can get pretty emotional I tell you.  You have to understand I am  South London girl(ok woman) who loves 90's r'n'b and drum and bass.  I have never had any interest in Opera before but after being a part of this one I will definitely  go and see some more.  The sounds that come from these people are out of this world and they are not even singing to there fullest yet.
Sir Simon Rattle is our conductor again I knew nothing of this man, just that he shakes a stick at musicians.  How wrong was I.  The man is fabulous.  He brings the singers the chorus and even us dancer out of ourselves and yes I mean singing, us dancers are singing albeit very timidly.  Me personally I just like his face.  It is so warm and disarming. Watching him and Aletta work just makes me want to be better.  That is a fabulous thing.
Aletta Collins

Sir Simon Rattle

The City of Salzburg is very beautiful and quaint.  It is a very rich city with lots to see museums, castles and lakes and there is a national dress that people actually wear!  It was the home to the Von Trapp family and Mozart and I'm sure much more but I haven't got around to them yet.  I must say was a little miffed at Mozart's former home now being an up market Spar supermarket.
As I said Salzburg is a rich city but in no way a fashion haven in my opinion.  Yes there is a national dress which I greatly respect but I have not seen one person with great individual style.  Most people are well dressed but they all look the same and in my opinion very vanilla and the shops reflect this much to my bank balances delight! Who knows maybe some one will put me gang to rights in the following week but until then....

Mozarts house, what a same.
National dress.  It's very cleveragey. 

One of many interesting fashion stores.  I wonder of Vogue magazine know of this? 

Last but by no means least I have to praise my fellow Carmen gypsy dancers.  We are so diverse with people from Paraguay to Paris each bringing their bit of flavour to the stage.  The talent is immense and the laughs even better.  I don't think Salzburg (especially the night life) quite know what has hit them!
Gypsy girls in rehearsal studio

Manon's lovely profile by the river

Getting some rays by the river.  Just a casual lunch.

I can't wait to see how this all pans out but till then...


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