Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer of love

Without sounding like and absolute gush bag I've had the best summer. Moroccan weddings, festivals and a hedonistic month in the Austrian mountains. Pure heaven. Throw in a little work and I mean little and we have the summer of love. I am a city girl born and breed so my eyes have truly been opened to the wonders of the great outdoors this summer. Picture this you are booked to work on an Opera previously performed at Easter. You rock up to Salzburg and realise that your days off far out number your working days. Fabulous! Salzburg in the summer is a hive of opera fabulousness. At any point of the day you can spot people dressed in their best, sauntering around the town coming and going to concerts and operas. It was funny as you could smell the money around town. It is definitely an affluent town which is all good because we all love money but I got to see the beautiful natural side of Salzburg on this trip and I will never forget it. I climbed a mountain. Ok well maybe a third of a mountain. Dipped in a mountain river/waterfall. Swam in a huge lake ok so maybe paddled but all in all me and the nature were walking hand in hand for a while. There are places in this world that are truly beautiful and I'm so lucky to have seen some of it. Gush over check these out.
I cliff jump with some brave people.
Just a casual photo shoot on the rocks
Behind us is a 30 foot drop. I must say although I found inspiration in the country side the fashion was still lacking. In four weeks I saw one lady who could have been travelled to another country and held her own. I know in the big scheme of things this means nothing but I love fashion. Any how until next time. DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!X