Sunday, 16 September 2012

Big business

So unfortunately of late my body has taken to waking up around 4am. I write this at 6.13 am. I try not to stress about these things. Maybe I'll check Facebook or twitter (thank god for my timelines) but more often than not I'll try and use this time constructively. This for me usually means checking out new lines of clothing or drooling over some stupidly expensive shoe and last week it meant keeping up to date on New York fashion week. Love Victoria Beckhams SS13 collection. However the last couple of days I have become obsessed with watching Youtube tutorials. On what you may ask?

Well about two months ago I decided to go natural and by which I mean my hair. You see I like many many other black women had a relaxer put on my hair at a young age, 10 to be precise. Don't get me wrong I requested and probably protested for this to happen on a family holiday to the USA (of course). For those of you that don't know what a relaxer is it is a strong chemical based cream applied to the hair to relax curls/afro to make it straight, some say more manageable. As a child in the 80's(yes I know I don't look it hehe) I felt as if it was literally a waiting game to get a relaxer so my hair would flow and blow in the wind like the european girls at school and plus all of the older girls and women in my life had one so I couldn't wait. So one sunny day in New York we did it and I absolutely loved the affect. I thought I was Pochantas, flicking and touching all the time.

Now I am blessed to have thick hair that could withstand the chemical torrent that is a relaxer but nether the less it got thinner over the years. The last couple of years I have changed my lifestyle slightly with regards to diet and the things I put into my body. I am by no means a health freak as I still partake in the odd cigarette and glass of wine but one step at a time people! I changed brands of cleansers and shampoos to organic but was still relaxing. This to me seemed pointless so I decided to stop. Scary, as it has been part of my life for over 20 years so I went to the only place a women of these times does, online!

People let me tell you , well you all probably already know as I can be a little slow on the uptake. There are a multitude of sites and blogs and vlogs all geared towards girls oops I mean women (I keeps doing that) like me who are making the "transition" back to natural. It is so nice to read and see all of the styles and women and the support there is. All declaring that it is ok and actually beautiful to be natural because lets face it that is not really what society says to us. We are as a race brain washed and it is deep rooted. Do not get me wrong people I love a weave and I know at some point in the future I will have another probably 18" long because if your going to do it go hard! But underneath that said weave will be natural healthy unrelaxed unchemically petrified hair.

As with all change it is daunting but exhilarating at the same time. We all know our hair does not define us but is does sometimes change the way we act and hold ourselves. Will I change my approach to fashion? These are all things I have to contend with and I am happy to do so as these are not problems but refreshing snippets in my life. Plus if it gives me an excuse to go shopping it can only be a positive experience!

Some may think whats the big deal non black or people of colour grow out hair colours and perms all the time but it is a big deal. Afro hair is big industry, have you not seen the movie?

Anyway until next time. Here is a shot of me at 3 half months transition.

A few more you'll see Sloange Knowles and Viola Davis onatural
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