Tuesday, 18 September 2012


So the summer is over. We mustn't be sad it was an amazing one here in the Uk even though I spent the majority of it in Europe you could feel the energy pull from the British Isles. The Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics the summer was electric.

I cannot comment on the weather in London but in Salzburg it was phenomenal which gave me a chance to wear a summer wardrobe quite novel for a Uk dweller. I ponder on these thoughts of a summer wardrobe as the temperature starts to slowly drop, London fashion week comes and goes and the stores start to introduce the next seasons trends. Exciting times and probably my favourite time of the year. I chance to update the wardrobe with this seasons new trends. What are you going to add? Lets look at our choices.

We have Brocade.
Rag & Bone, Salvatore and Dolce & Gabbana



To name but a few. There is also a frenzy of studs on everything. Gorgeous berry colours perfect for the Autumn. Patterns we've seen filter through from the summer with a slight change of colour. Metallic sci fi infusions, I love them all but what to choose? There are so many including tartan but I'll be staying away from that one due to over kill in school uniform(still traumatised) . You don't want over load or the break the bank. I suggest you have a good look in the magazines and blogs and see which trends jumps out at you the most and then go for it!

We are very lucky here in London to have a wide range of stores from high street to designer so what ever your budget you can get involved. I have picked a few low budget pieces to update my wardrobe. Some I have made as I have not seen anything I would want to spend my money on that I won't see on anyone else and some I've picked up at various places.

Firstly a Camouflage jacket I knocked up in about 4 hours this week.
My stud contribution. Leather jacket Exchange store,denim jacket customised by moi, flats Primark, ring Alexander McQueen, Bracelet Newlook.
And lastly some Brocade fabric I found. I'm thinking maybe a dress, will post photos when it's done.
Whatever your budget and your taste have fun with this seasons wears. There is so much you'll have a ball! DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!X


  1. Woow! Gorgeous post! Love your blog! my best congrats!!

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