Saturday, 9 February 2013

Oh Darling

I feel like I'm leading such an enchanted life at the moment.  Don't get me wrong I do not have  the house in Malibu over looking the ocean or two point four family with a super hot actor type husband doting on my average cupcakes and I can't just walk into Jimmy Choo and buy those oh so coveted boots I saw in Vouge this month but I feel I have it all at this moment in time.
Being a girl about town can give you this feeling.  I have been ever so cultured in the last week.  Dinner with the fashion, journo, creative, lawyer set.  The Coliseum for first night at the Opera .  Exhibitions, plays mingling with all types of thespians and of course finding the ultimate ankle/sandal boot spring summer wears.

The dinner Si Mangia in East Dulwich . The cutest Italian was very busy and with our table for 12 had a very bubbly atmosphere.  The food delicious and very reasonable.  The service was great with staff getting involved in some of the tables jokes altogether an enjoyable night would definitely recommend and on a Thursday they have live music so I shall definitely be going back.
Mussels, my fav.

The girls

So after performing in my first Opera last year I realised I can so do classical music!  This is coming from an inner city drum and bass, 90's R'n'B loving chick.  Where best to pop my opera cherry than the English National Opera.  The opera La Traviata, its first night.  The venue, The Coliseum St Martins Lane.        
The story is of a fallen woman s (la traviata) love and sacrifice as is all things in the theatre right?  The leading lady Violetta played by Corinne Winters was amazing as was Ben Johnson who played Alfredo.  I must say the set was super minimal with just sheer curtains a chair and a pile of books for us to feast our eyes on but it worked, even when the leads were pulling the metaphoric  curtain along the stage just to confuse us.  It being in English was nice but I would have preferred Italian or french as I find these much more romantic and for all of you who feel you have no connection with this particular opera it's the one Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to see in Pretty woman!
Violetta and Alfredo
Seats were a little bit nose bleedy
The Play. Feast.  Most definitely the best play I've seen.  My explanation will do it no justice so have a watch of the trailer   .  It's on at The Young Vic.  I had a bite to eat at The Cut the restaurant downstairs  first then watched the play tickets courtesy of a dear friend.  After  were drinks and a chance to talk with the actors with live music in the background and a sly bit of celeb spotting.

The boots.  Topshop.  I'll leave you with them.


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