Sunday, 21 April 2013

Lets do this!

Hey beautiful people!  I have spent the last couple of months plugging away at various things in a different directions .  It's all very new and exciting and daunting also but you have to try right?  So as it is all about change and new things I thought to myself "lets to this!" and I booked myself up for a half marathon.  Am I actually crazy? And not in the "she's so crazy" way.  In the WHAT THE HELL way.  The most I had run before I signed myself up was approximately 2.60 miles. A half marathon as you will know is 13 miles.  I have a long way to go!  Thank goodness for the internet and friends giving me the information I need to become a better and faster runner.  I only have to add 10 more miles to my best.

So being the person I am half marathon training obviously means new sports wear!  I must say I didn't go over board just a new pair of running shoes and a few high impact sport bras.  I mean it's an investment right?
The catalyst for me signing up for something so drastic and so not me was going to support a friend who was competing in the Miami Pro competition.  For those of you that have never heard of it it is a body beautiful comp where competitors train for months at a time on pretty much each individual muscle in their body.  This takes extreme dedication, maximum weight training and a strict diet and I was so impressed.  I personally wouldn't want my body to be as muscly as most of the women in the competition so I sought out a different challenge that would push me in a different way.

Along with the start of my training I have decided to eat as clean as possible.  This takes quite a lot of planning especially if you will be away from home.  It's so easy to grab something out and about but generally the content is so far off clean eating it is astounding.   The weekend is the most testing when a bottle of wine is thrush into my world and then all clean goes out of the window and beautiful burgers fly in in its place but no ones perfect.

Anyway this is just a quick post as I have to go and do some squats!  It's all so addictive.
Check out the pics.
Nike Free 5.0  These bad boys will get me across that finish line and if not my feet will look great.
The boys at Miami Pro strutting their stuff.

Close up, one for the ladies!

Clean eating mixing an old and new school diet.  Tilapia, rice and peas, asparagus and beetroot. 

Preparing a clean lunch.  Sweet potato wedges to be roasted,  mushroom  stir fry.

Friday night trying to stay clean with these gorgeous teas at Ping Pong (didn't really work)

 Shall keep you all posted.


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