Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Boy friend jean

Ladies! You guys to as this affects you to if you have a great girl in your life, you may want to hide your favourite jeans.  If like me you have a thing for jeans but find it one of the most time consuming and frustrating clothe shops you have ever done we can be jean happy again.  What is she waffling on about you're thinking? The Boyfriend jean that's what! I have always been a lover of the baggy jean.  Being a 90's teen we had the likes of Maharishi and jungle pants (I know shame) so the love of comfort and fashion coexisting never left me.  The boyfriend jean doesn't have to fit perfectly on the bottom or elongate the leg or stop just before the top of a boot or the floor, it can just be.  They are great!

I have been wearing the Boyfriend jean for years.  My first official pair from a lovely chap I used to go out with who put on a few pounds, thus me inheriting his Levi's twisters and they are till this day my favourites.  Then came the Fake London jeans that are now a cute pair of casual cut offs.  Next a pair from my father of which I chopped and happily wore for years without him knowing (sorry dad).
I can not be happier with the current fascination with this style.  Of course they are a little different with a  tapered hem and a general crop. This new style looks great with a heel to!

Feast your eyes and happy shopping whatever your budget you'll find a pair to suit you.

Ex bf Levi's twister jeans teamed with Zara chelsea boot. Still my favs.

Thanks dad! Teamed with Dr Martens 10 hole boots.

New purchase from Zara £29.99 teamed with a patent court shoe from Dune .

New Look Boyfriend jean. Such a bargain at £19.99 with %20 at the moment!

J Brand £250 Net a porter 
Current/Elliott £275 Net a porter 

Me in my favourites teamed with Vintage biker jacket, Uth scarf, boots from Zara and vintage clutch.