Sunday, 6 October 2013

Reality Rant

Those who know me well know that I am  sucker for reality Tv.  I watch EVERYTHING.  I recently did a big catch up on Geordie Shore.  For some reason I love this programme and this troubles me as these young people are an absolute mess!  Most of the females on this programme at some point have prided themselves on being a slut/slag and most of the boys (two out of three) spend the majority of their time pulling girls.    Now this I'm sure is what most guys of their age are doing but they openly say that they want them for sex and that's pretty much it.   Every night there are different young girls.  I would say ladies but that would be pushing it as they are all happy to sleep with these guys obviously on the telly as they are followed by cameras all night and then be filmed doing all of the sex.  Granted you do not see the faces in the act but you usually see them being put in taxis afterwards and in the club before.  The most worrying thing for me is to my knowledge and I know this is not extensive I have only heard mention of safe sex and a condom once!  This I find atrocious.  We live in a very sexualised time I know and I myself have been in a video or two that is highly sexualised but it all seems so callous and throw away.  The following for this programme is huge.  You only need look at the reaction the one of the girls Charlotte who won Celebrity Big brother.  If you had not known her previously you probably would not have been very impressed with her behaviour but she has a huge following of young people that were not shocked at all as it has all been seen before and much worse.
I realise I am ranting.   It would just be nice to see different types of young people represented on Tv.
I do like the characters don't get me wrong and essentially they seem like nice people taking full advantage of a great opportunity put in front of them I just wish there were some more programs with young people doing some constructive things to.
In my early twenties I partied but I was also trying to build a career and experience lots of different things. I am by no means a saint or the best role model but my life and antics are not broadcast to thousands of people.  Come on powers that be come up with another concept that doesn't involve the super rich starry eyed or, well actually I haven't a bad word for Towie as they all seem to do something under all the weaves and lashes.

Current cast.  Picture from Mtv site.

Rant over I won't bother going in on Miley, that's so yesterday!


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