Monday, 25 October 2010

All very civilised

So I was invited to an event at a gallery on Thursday and me being game for any party I went along.  It was an exhibition of photography in the very trendy Shoreditch (of course) .  The venue "AOP" very nice and simple as a gallery should be as it's all about the the art right? Can't say I'm any kind of expert on that stuff, to be honest I heard free bar.  I know a little classless but I've been told we are in  recession and should save at every opportunity.  However I did surprise myself and found it quite interesting.  When you take the time to actually look at something the mind then conjures all sorts of back stories and events. I liked that.  Probably won't make it a regular activity but it was interesting.

Now I have tried to promise myself that I will not purchase to many pairs of shoes/boots this season.  Not because I no longer love them because that will never happen but simply because I won't wear them all.  At the beginning of the summer I did boot sale and noticed alot of things had not been worn or just the once!  What a waste, could have gone on a holiday with the money spent on those unworn shoes.  Anywho what can you do.  So instead I've tried to be sensible about my purchases, the outfit maker Leopard ankle boots (blog 1) and to my surprise a pair of very wearable brown ankle boots from Topshop.  I am surprised because I usually don't like to buy things that started off on a catwalk, then get picked up by every high street store and copied to death.  By no means I am a snob I buy things at Primark but when you see something in every shop and on every other persons feet it's not good for the ego.  The boots have already taken me happily through a night out and a hardcore one at that, "Telepathy".
Lets hope I don't break my promise but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't, just don't tell anyone please. He he


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