Monday, 1 November 2010

Moon Lighting

So my past week has been mainly work and no play but I'm not going to complain I have managed to do a lot of moon lighting.  My week was a mash up of The Wailers, Tmobile, Collection make up, Signature, Jamie Afro and a cold dark London zoo.  Its has not all been caught on camera but it has been a great week of people watching. I love London for its cool people with attitude. Fashion wise you can do as you please and you'd amazed what some people will rock. I myself can appreciate it all.
Have a look at the good ones I found.

Tmobile Ad Heathrow. Cool snow boarding photographer.  Jacket from charity shop store in Suffolk, bargain

Tmobile ad Heathrow. Pretty cool dude.

Love this girl, she was so sweet. Cute tweed jacket and loafers.

Love this chicks lace and leather mix.  Very of the moment.

Apart from being stunning she got it so right with the faux fur, neutral colors and clogs.

To cool for school. Attitude, hard leather with dainty dress.  Simple flat brogues.

Screening London zoo

Original piece from movie

I tell you no lie there are killer dogs n this picture!