Sunday, 17 October 2010

Don't panic

So manage to mislay my camera on the set of  children's programe I've been filming on last week.  Got a little carried away with taking shots of the costumes and set but alas I have no shots :-(. Don't panic though I have purchased a brand spanking new camera and I'm snapping away and who knows my old camera may find it's way home and you can see what an Egyptian/Gagaess dancer looks like.

Any who I've noticed leather is well and truly wedged itself into each and every shop this season whether it be real or faux.  I have always loved me a bit of leather. Picture a skinny 16 year old in leather jeans (the biker type) and calf length chunky biker boots ,oh and fake Versace belt! I looked treat, everyone else was wearing stretch jeans.  I have been lucky enough to have picked up some lovely pieces over the last couple of years many of which I have cut into shorts or made bags out of.  Most never saw daylight he he. Have a look.

Purchased at Exchange Bargain!

Hareem Dungarees

Full Leather wrap skirt. 90's purchase

Leather cap sleeve open back T-shirt

Mini shift dress


  1. Cheers hon,when you see something you like you have to get it, whether it's in fashion or not, just so happens it is! he he

  2. Love the clothes! You should be modelling them so we can see what the fit is like! I love leather dresses I'm going to see if I can find her one now! Ellie (your son) xx

  3. Ahh my son! If I see any cute ones around town I'll let you know. laters x

  4. The open back tshirt is immense