Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My oh My oh My!

People of the tinterweb it has been a long while and have I had an epic couple of weeks!  To surmise I have gone from the buffer zone in Cyprus to trendy East London then off to the World cup in Dubai.  All very interesting and fabulous in their own right.  I'll start with most recent.

So when asked to assist a very well know and respected choreographer Natricia Bernard I jumped at the chance.  I didnt really have a clue what the job was really or what I would be doing but it was a trip to Dubai right?  Can we talk about the fact that I was one of three assistants Helen Soraya and Anthony Trahearn to the creative director of the Dubai World cup!  Pretty huge scale job really and I'm not going to lie when I received all necessary equipment for the job, huge folder, Dubai phone walkie talkie I felt a little tight of stomach.

Byerly Turk show horse.  Behaind the fabric there were 26 police cadets harnest up and ready to rock!

Yes I had to go up on the horse to, scary!

Muses. They went up 60 feet!!!

Sports stage.
View from production room.

Motley crew. Me, Helen Soraya, Anthony Trahern and Natricia Bernard (choreographer)
Stylist Hannah looking super cool in the sweltering heat.
 As you can imagine the races were full of outfits.  Some absolutely fabulous some not so much.  There were fascinating Fascinators, your classic race goers and your trend setters.
It was an all day event so I got in early for the photos as the bubbly was flowing and later I wanted to enjoy Jessie J live, the 20 minute fire works and Seb Fontaine.  Plus by 10pm most people were in a drunken stupor with their amazing stacked heels violently discarded.
Love this girls look, you could slot her into London, New york love it!

Best hat awards.

Trendy young ladies.

It seems the boys were out in full effect in East London earlier this month. Check out these two cool dudes.

Yes shinny gold suit and you know what it worked!

Love his style.

DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!x Will not leave it so long next time promise.

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