Monday, 11 April 2011

Pt 1 The Trip.

What up peeps?!  I have had a wonderful couple of weeks.  Found myself back on the dusty side of the world in Akbar Jordan for a quick visit.  Nothing out of the unusual happened, don't know if I'm happy or sad about that.  Anywho I have shots and here they are.

Denim shirt dress for the beach and my ever faithful Marc Jacobs sunnies.

View from the beach.

Sophie, Charlotte and I in the Jacuzzi

Love Charlotte's little mini, so flattering.

Pulled out these vintage trousers purchased at boutique in Leicester. Love a 70's trouser.

Backless number by me!

Dress Reiss
 Yes people my theme for the spring summer, neon with lots of ankle socks.  I know the ankle sock thing is very this season but I have been wearing this look for years.  Some people find it very funny!
The lovely Sophie Atkins looking like a Amazonian.

DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!X  And check out Part 2 on it's way!

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