Monday, 11 April 2011

Part 2 The Partay!

So last week was a certain persons birthday gathering in Greenwich took my camera along as per usual and took some sorts.
The people were gorgeous, the venue Bar 57 Greenwich high street was just right and the music was banging. He he all round good evening.
Check the threads dancers never fail to impress!

Cem Ahmet looking looking very cool.

Loved Briony's blouse with red accessories.

Welly in American Apparel looking cool as usual.

Love these ladies looks.  Leanne Hainsby on left in  Vintage look dress and Katie Collins cute midi skirt and chunky Mary Jane's.
You never fail ladies.

Charlotte Habib admiring her own handy work.  Yes she did all sparkles on her bracelet and shoes! Amaze. Oh and she just happens to be flashing my card around.

Gorgeous pins and customised shoes all Swarovski diamonds.

Natalie and Arthur looking hot.
Sam Jackson in a cute playsuit.

Ahh and the boys, I know someone had to do it ladies.
Del, Gaz, Adrian and Denny.

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