Saturday, 14 May 2011

Could be a longun!

Wow its been a while and this is gonna be a long one,  I've been a busy bee buzzing all over the place!

So as you may know that I work abroad alot so going on an actual holiday is a luxury to me.  A couple of weeks ago I took myself off to a 4* Spa Hotel in Marrakesh.  Lush you may think but alas it was not to be the holiday of my dreams.  The hotel itself  Farah Kenzi obviously had different ideas of what stars were and the staff were not altogether to happy to be working there, that accompanied with the 17c weather made me want for more.  The experience was saved somewhat by a two night trip to the seaside town of Essouira.  We stayed in the Riad Lyon Magador run by the sweetest old French dude.  The views from the roof terrace were beautiful and the shopping so cool, leathers, spices, stones perfumes.  Wondering around you had your hippie's and surfer dudes such a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh which some people  love  I'm sure.

View from roof terrace Lyon Magador.

Our beautiful court yard at guest house.

Market square Essouira.

The most colourful street in Morocco!

View from my room.
Unfortunately there are not many pictures of me in Morocco. As I mentioned before the weather wasn't the best. The highest it got for the first four days was 18c! Baring in mind that was the week that it rose to 27c in London Town. Big fat slap in the face for me!

I pointed out earlier that I do not holiday much so was very excited to pack all the things I wanted to wear on me hols.  New short dungarees, cute sleeveless shirts the obligatory maxi dresses and a few pairs of palazzo pants for good measure.  A decent wardrobe for a hot city break.  Ha ha more fool me!  This was quite clearly not the attire for walking around in 17c plus wind chill factor.  Ok picture this.  A cute cropped lemon sleeveless shirt teamed with high waisted silk palazzo pants, nice huh? Ok now add a vintage men's denim jacket under my Kate Moss leather bomber (for warmth), my gym socks and trainers (yes asics) that's should be confined to exercise areas only. Trousers tucked into socks as the wind blowing up my legs was excruciating and a very vexed frozen look fixed on my face.  Result "hot mess" and no pictures.  To funny.

Any how next week three countries in 11 days one being Morocco again.  It shall be redeemed!!!!


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