Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yo Yo Yo

So yet again it has been ages since my last blog but oh I've been off around the world having a jolly old time!

To start was the Extreme FreeStylers Stadium tour in Arnum Holland.  What is this you may ask.  Well you know when you see dudes on motor bikes jumping ramps and other ridiculously huge and wide objects, that.  All very exciting.  Along with the bikers there are 6 dancers (one being me) to add a bit more glamour to the show.  All choreographed by the ever so talented Cem Ahmet.  Then there was the Dukesons, yes those crazy guys that like to inflict pain on themselves for no more reason than entertainment and a live band. 

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Now this is a world I know nothing of so it was very interesting and sometime a bit scary. The riders looked so effortless flying through the air you forget sometimes that they are human and at any point the unpredictable could happen. Luckily it didn't and there were no accidents and at quite a few points they would fly over us as we were performing on stage!  I didn't know it was such a big deal.  The stadium was full and the atmosphere electric, these guys were all very serious about their bikes!  All the riders come with their own fan base from all over the world. Will pay a bit more attention next time and get some more info, was far to busy thinking about 20 ft stages and bikes flying over me!

Stage and ramps
Rider going over stage
Robbie Maddison aka Mad dog and I.

The beautiful girls! Naomi Lynch,Cherie Chung,Vanessa Lansom, Lizzie Gough and Charlie Mayhew.
Check Charlie out, looking to cool.

 Next update soon!

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  1. Gal wa mi caan say yu ah travel all over de place eeeee! Remmeba fi teck a break now and again wouldn't want yu fe fall sick through lack of rest.