Thursday, 9 June 2011

Quickie Oooo

Just a quickie.

After having my feet firmly on British soil for a week it was only right that I help a friend celebrate her birthday and where else to do it but Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud's club.  I know your thinking "your a bit late love" It's been open for ages but I'm going to keep it real.   I'm not a celebrity. I may rub shoulders every now and then with a few but my presence doesn't generally open guest list doors.  I remember trying my luck at the reopening of China White, what a mistake and I was with someone with pull.  Turned out there were a few princesses present, royal and pop and they had obviously taken my spot by the bar and on the dance floor. Whateves!
Anyway I digress Kanaloa Sarah Harding's club was the venue.  All guest were dressed to the nines and ready to party.  Paps were waiting at the venue flashes ready and the DJ awaited our arrival.
Lets just say that we made the party. The venue all dark mahogany bridges and totems was very much like Mahiki in Mayfair. For all I know they are sister clubs (I'm not very up on the London night scene) with there matching staff in Hawaiian attire and and huge chests filled with delicious cocktails. The party lasted all night and some because as we were not leaving the dance floor the DJ had to come back after finishing his set and start an after party! Yes we partied with the not so steely faced bouncers and a few staff well after the general public had lefted.
I shall be back Kanaloa!

Birthday girl Danielle Brown
Kerry Katona, Cem Ahmet, Danielle Brown and me!

Oohh sparkles!

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