Monday, 6 June 2011

Next one

As I said in my last blog I have been all over, Jakarta Indonesia don't you know.  It was a very long journey for a very short visit and show, Cse (Combined Service Entertainment) Navy gig.  Yes it is work and we all need to get paid but two seven hour flights with a quick dash in between was very taxing on someone who had just got off a flight that morning from Amsterdam. Rock'n'Rolling!
This trip was my second to Jakarta and alas I saw just as little of it as previously, what I did see was very intriguing.  Mopeds everywhere, some with up to four people including infants! Now I have seen the like before but not in such highly populated area.  Thought we had traffic issues In London, ha!
Tanah Abang

All in all a very short but cool trip and it didn't hurt staying at the Crowne Plaza which was all very grand indeed.  Maybe next time I'll be paid to holiday and really see the sites.  There is definitely more than meets the eye there as security was very obvious at the hotels, hmm.

Next up a short return trip to Marrakech.  Now baring in mind my first trip to Morocco had been less than a month before, oh what a difference a month makes!
Firstly the weather had gone up by approximately 5 degrees. Not much you may think but it made for a much more enjoyable and fashion friendly visit.

I am not known for my amazing memory but if you want me to remember a place or event you just go on and put Jason Statham within 10 feet of me and I'll surely remember an enjoyable night at Comptoir.  What I'd like to tell you was that "we" Jason and I had a lovely dinner but his security were not having a bar of it so I sat and giggled at a safe distance.  I did catch his eye and I'm sure he was staring when I looked away Number 1 in FHM girlfriend or not!
Now to casually bump into Idris Alba!

Throw in a few more tasty meals at the likes of Crystal attached is Pacha, Bo and Zin and a very merry lunch at Nikki beach our short trip was very enjoyable. Oh did I mention our villa with the cinema room and roof top pool and a obliging Hen taking part in all sorts of dares? Sshhh.

Nikki Beach Marrakech

Wait let me put my gloss on

Roof top pool




  1. Yu feget to mention the stench of de place maan de place stink and I ain't being racist when mi seh de place had my nostrils on fire..


  2. Haha Rudi! Think I must have been immune.