Sunday, 19 February 2012

90's vs now

What's up folks? I have had such a privileged week getting my creative juices flowing, going to see live music and seeing friends in fabulously cool places, what a week.

So after nearly a year of writing a blog and a few attempts at writing other bits and bobs I decided to take myself off to a Creative writing course recommended by a friend.  The course "Creative writing for beginners" is run by a lovely married couple Susan Oudot and David Wingrove at their home.  I won't relay the whole schedule of the day but I will say that it was great and has definitely given me more confidence with my ideas and the knowledge to push forward.  They also had the coolest home and are super successful through hard work and determination.  Being in their space made me want to be better and that can never be a bad thing!

Our group. The whole wall was lined with books.

Very eclectic taste, some would say fruity 

Then on to see 90's legends SWV, Dru Hill, Genuine and Silk at Hammersmith Apollo.  What a great night of sing along fun!  It did get me thinking about the voices around at the moment, I mean all of the artistes are belters with great range and emotion.  I am very aware that I'm not up to date with the current music scene but I don't need to be as having the radio on any popular culture station voices and songs should stand out right?  And they do but not a patch on these guys.  Stuck in a time warp much Marvon?
Anywho here is a shot but is very blurry.  It would seem that my multi tasking skills are lacking singing dancing and photography, not good.
SWV Sisters With Voices

The end of the week was dinner at Bistro Du Vin on Dean Street.  There was a lovely relax feel to the restaurant that I think was due to the very competent and complimentary staff.  Every fashionista loves this type of staff!  The menu was pretty simple which is good as I want to spend my time catching up with my friends not trying to decipher the menu.  Everyone was happy.
For drinks a quick walk around the corner to the quirky Soho Arts club where all of the drinks are served in tea cups and mugs.  This in itself was lethal as you are unaware of how much you top up but such fun times.  The musical theme of the night was 80's which was awesome although I do think the Dj should have mixed it up a little.  Saying that I did manage to sing "when will I be famous" by Bros and "Breakout" by Swing Out Sister word for word!
Didn't bother me for long as I clocked this cool chick in a Henrik Vibskov  kaftan and you know how much fashion make me happy.

Cool kaftan chick.

Perfect accessories 

Raspberry Ricket ummmm

One of my besties and I wearing some of this seasons must haves, neon and feathers.  I only wish the photo was clearer as the feather jacket is immense!
Me. Neon skirt by Asos, Jacket Zara Vintage clutch and Diesel boots.   Feather jacket custom made.


  1. nice post! wish i had known about the gig at the hammersmith apollo......

    i hope that the creative writing course reaps a lot of benfits for you!

    Chi-Chi x

  2. Loving this chica, esp the Soho Arts ref of course and the creative writing! Might have to come along to that one with you
    Lots of love

  3. Defo recommend! Will give you info